We Support You, through the Entire Eviction Process!

We offer an array of services to Landlords. We handle eviction cases for the entire Southern Nevada Area. When you have an unwanted tenant/renter, we can start with the Preliminary Eviction Notices and take care of the Entire Eviction Process all the way through the Writ of Possession & Pack Out and Storage.

Las Vegas Eviction Services understands the importance of making Our Clients feel Comfortable and Satisfied during the eviction process. Therefore, an eviction Specialist can be contacted with any questions or concerns during our business hours.

We do the entire process for you, to get the tenant to pay the rent, or you the judgment for eviction, to get the tenant out of your property.

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Our mission

At Las Vegas Eviction Services we make the eviction process simple, cost-effective and convenient. We will post all Legal Notices, have Your Tenant LegallyServed and Evicted, coordinate a Lockout and assist with Packout and Storage!


“I just need to tell u once again – YOU ALL ARE THE BEST – and I truely thank you from the bottom of my heart – as broken as it is you are helping us with peace of mind on this! Thanks again”

– Ann Marie

“Thank you so much! That is great and we would like you to proceed with the lockout and with the locksmiths. Happy Customer ! “

– Christine

Thank you for doing a great job in securing the property and getting photos. Thanks again, for the great service!


Thank you. I hope I don’t have to use your services again but if I do it’s nice to know that you guys do a solid, professional job and that I can rely on you.


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