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Type Of Notices

A 3 Day Nuisance posting is for some issue other than finances. The law requires a written reason of the nuisance (and can have nothing to do with finances) and the tenant will have three business days to rectify the nuisance. If the nuisance is not taken care of, a 5 Day Unlawful Detainer Notice must follow before an actual lockout can take place. If your tenant is being a nuisance for some reason, a 3 day nuisance posting is a great way to take care of the problem. Let us solve your problem today!

A 5 day notice posting in Las Vegas is the easiest method for following up with an actual tenant lockout. Yet there are still things that can complicate the issue such as if a grace period has been scheduled with your tenant, you must legally wait until that grace period has expired before posting a 5 day notice in the city of Los Vegas. To avoid legal confusion later, be sure to call one of our specialists that can answer your questions today!

With this type of notice, we can let the delinquent tenant know that he/she is being forced to vacate the premises with a 30 day pay or quit premises notice posting. This is not as simple a procedure as one might assume, however Las Vegas Eviction Services can make the issue settled only a phone call to us!

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